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This can help food truck business owners keep track of their profits and losses, as well as manage their inventory and sales. Yes, hot dog carts and food trucks can benefit from using accounting software. Accounting software can help business owners keep track of their finances, manage inventory, and generate invoices. This can make it easier to keep track of expenses and income, as well as manage taxes more efficiently. Additionally, accounting software can help business owners identify areas where they could be more profitable and help them plan for the future.

You can spend between $200 and $1000 on a cash register or POS (Point-of-Sale) system. To save some money at the start, you can use a tablet with a credit card reader rather than springing for a more intricate system. There’s no way to avoid business expenses; they’re just part of running any business. The good news is you can deduct business expenses for your food truck.

Since 2014, Brett has interviewed over 100 entrepreneurs on the Food Empire Pro podcast and written hundreds of blog posts on all aspects of food business. Brett has been quoted in media outlets like Entrepreneur Magazine, CNBC, and The Washington Post. If your goal is to start the lowest cost food business possible, consider looking at a push-cart or tent.

Best POS Systems For Food Truck Success In 2023

Commissary – most localities require the use of a commissary if you’re going to be in business. It’s a way to enforce health regulations across the disparate food trucks. Once you have your net income, it’s easy to find your net profit margin. To calculate your food truck’s net profit margin, divide your net income by your revenue and multiply by 100. Your cost of goods sold is the amount of money your food truck spends to create your product.

Transporting food generates whopping amounts of carbon dioxide –

Transporting food generates whopping amounts of carbon dioxide.

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Turn on Quick-Serve Mode to expedite order taking when the line outside the truck starts to grow. Once you enter an order and it’s sent to the kitchen, the order screen pops right back up. You take the next order immediately instead of having to navigate back to the order screen. If your business has a fixed budget, it is best to stick with the basic plan. However, if your POS needs are more extensive, you can upgrade to the Standard or Enterprise plans.

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On top of that, TouchBistro can process swipe or chip cards. It even accepts mobile payments like Apple Pay, Google Pay, and Chase Pay, ensuring every food truck customer is served. Food trucks are unique businesses with specific needs and distinct operating practices. They need point of sale systems, but not all restaurant POS systems serve food trucks’ needs. They require specialized food truck POS systems to be successful.


If you purchase your directly from Clover you will pay a payment processing fee of 2.3% or 2.6% per transaction, plus a $0.10 fee, depending on your subscription level. It’s easy to create different menus and pricing depending on location, ordering type , ingredient availability, or any other custom identifiers. Menu and inventory updates can be synced across locations automatically. Plus, Revel’s built-in online ordering and delivery functions are hard to beat. You can either pay $799 for your equipment upfront or put $0 down and Toast charges an additional percentage of your sales to cover the cost of the hardware. The right POS system for a food truck provides everything you need to accept different types of payments, track popular orders, and keep lines moving fast.

Food trucks report this to be a surprisingly effective tool for increasing check sizes and revenue generated per customer. You’ll want to keep a close eye on any outgoings as well as income. By tracking how much money comes in and goes out of your business, you’ll be able to better plan for peaks and troughs and make sure you don’t run out of money.

Variable Expenses You Need to Know About

QuickBooks has the reports you need to quickly make smart decisions for your restaurant. Your Point of Sale system typically keeps track of all credit card and cash sales, and all receipts should be filed and recorded in a Profit and Loss document (P&L). It is also essential to keep a close eye on your inventory counts. Labor – this one really depends on your particular set-up. If it’s just you and a partner doing all the work, cross it off the list—you’re both taking it for the team. If you have employees, pay them a fair wage for their level of work expertise.

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Owning a restaurant can be an extremely fulfilling experience. But it also brings its own set of challenges—which is why we’ve created this guide to get you started on the right foot. The hustle and bustle of a restaurant can make running payroll difficult. But before you get overwhelmed, let’s break down how to do payroll into a few key aspects.

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We save you money the moment you hire us by cutting out the expensive cost of hiring an in-house CFO. If done properly it can actually be a tool that you can use to run an incredibly profitable food truck. However, make sure to look at a profit and loss that lists each line item as a percentage of income. This is a simple report to produce in QuickBooks Online and it can be very powerful.


The most successful food truck operators today have made plenty of mistakes along the way. If you’re just starting out, be sure to take note of these tips from the veterans who’ve learned the hard way. And of course, there’s the actual truck—are you going to rent or own? There are benefits to both, but keep in mind that buying a quality truck outright can be expensive.

The Android-based mobile system is a top choice for ambitious food truck owners looking to grow. With Countingup, you can apply for a business current account online in minutes and for free. It automates the time-consuming aspects of accounting and it’s saving thousands of UK business owners time and money. As part of your bookkeeping, you want to create regular financial reports that allow you to track your inventory, cost-to-sales ratio, and overall income. Financial reporting is essential for staying alert to any changes in your business and flexing with changing customer demands or seasons. A cash flow statement essentially acts as a cheque book to help you pull together all the information on your income and expenses and understand overall profitability.

Improved access to information – Calculations are made more quickly with accounting software, giving business owners real-time insights into their finances. While Square offers more third-party integrations, more transparency, and more features in general, Rezku does pack a very strong punch for its price point. Rezku could be the best food truck POS for business owners who want a straightforward POS and to work with as little third-party software as possible. Simple low-cost pricing, outstanding customer service, easy platform, and seamless QuickBooks Online integration. If you are using Square POS then use Square payroll just because you will save time entering the data.

merging math and music in an accounting firm truck operators often only look at the purchase of the truck as the startup expenses. The daily sales integration into QuickBooks Online is seamless through a third-party app called Shogo. Just know you will waste a ton of time and not have a clue where you are at from a profitability standpoint.


Restaurants that are small or new to the restaurant industry may find that the Talech POS is an ideal solution. This type of POS is cloud-based and offers an interface that allows businesses to accept orders and manage inventory. Customer experience is gaining steam and overtaking price and product quality as the leading driver of consumer purchase decisions. As customers gain more power in the customer-vendor relationship, companies are realizing how important it is to treat customers well. Talech is one of those companies and it shows in their food truck POS software.


Defective hardware may be sent for replacement, but you have to pay shipping and postage for returned packages. The company also offers a free cash discount program plan, but more on this later. There’s also a two-terminal minimum for Revel’s advertised subscription plan, so you won’t actually pay $99/month but a minimum of $198/month. Most POS systems on the market are iOS-based, but what makes Toast stand out is that it runs on Android operating systems. You can drop, spill liquid on, or forget to charge any piece of Toast equipment and it will still perform well.

Customers can then pay directly into your business current account using their credit card or contactless payment. Accounting software like Countingup will keep a record of each transaction and create a running profit and loss statement for you to gain insights from. Most food truck operations do not have in-house staff of accountants available to do their accounting leg-work. Because of this many use computer programs to help record their financial information. The best software includes a Point of Sale system, financial software, and the software to integrate the two. Fully-integrated systems like these can take the burden off you and help you fully analyze your financials by running comprehensive reports.