In August, Dispatch released photos of Seolhyun running toward a building which they claimed to be Zico’s house. Zico and AOA’s Seolhyun had reportedly been dating for a few months before their relationship was discovered in August 2016. When news of IU and Jang Kiha‘s relationship broke back in 2015, everyone was caught off guard because it was so unexpected. Luckily, fans were very accepting of the couple and even sent them notes of encouragement. In May 2013, however, the two parted ways after they grew apart because of their busy schedules. In 2017, Yuvin appeared as Sohee’s love interest in her “Sobok Sobok” music video.

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She also said that the particular paparazzi might have been really skilled in his/her job. Meanwhile, Lee Hyunwoo said that he received many calls from his company on the way back from the theatre. He was informed about the pictures of him and IU being uploaded everywhere. IU too answered, saying that whenever they would be eating together, it became very awkward for her. She also pointed out that he made her promise that she would buy him a meal sometime in the future Though they would have been cute together, they only had a friendly relationship with each other.

Korean Celebrities in Public Relationships

Momoland’s Hyebin and HBY/UN.B member Marco were confirmed to be dating on May 17, 2021. But this reason floating around was short-lived as their agencies cleared the air by stating that the reason was their very busy schedules. He also said that he is deeply apologetic to all the male fans of IU for offending them in any way. IU pointed out that she was not aware of the fact that someone was taking their pictures.

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You may also look for almost every other pages beyond 1km, into the suits usually number based on how far away he is local your. Of course, some groups have attempted to break away from such narrative by promoting the so-called “girl crush” image. That term indicates a progressive and autonomous woman who is deemed to be far from the traditional idea of femininity.

The two broke up in 2017 but without a reason, they just naturally became distant. G-Dragon, whose real name is Kwon Ji-yong, has been highlighted to be in several dating scandals over the past few years. When Wonder Girls was created, G-Dragon initiated a musical collaboration with Sohee, a member of the Wonder Girls music group.

The idols admit that they usually hang out with their friends or managers at restaurants and bars instead of going alone so that they can date without being suspected. The sexy diva Lee Hyori admitted that she used to help idols with their secret date by inviting them and their friend to her house and let the couple have their time together. U-Kwon stated that the pair started dating a month after he debuted in 2011. He wanted to marry her before he enlisted into the military but plans changed.

reasons K-Pop idols are forbidden from dating

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This is do to various reason such as parasocial relationships between fans and idols as well as people who ship idols and then get angry over every little interaction. While I dont think her comments specifically were bad as they were super general and not specfic to a certain person or group. I do not think that idols should comment on the specfics of idol dating unless it is their own relationship especially specific couples or people as that will just spread rumors and hate. Yong Junhyung was referred to as the Beast in the KARA music group in the year 2011.

Even before they started dating, Lee Seung Gioften admitted that Girls’ Generation‘s Yoonawas his ideal type. Even so, when they actually started seeing each other off-camera the news still came as a happy surprise to fans. The real shock came when the two parted waysin 2015 after dating for nearly a year. Both SM Entertainment and JYP Entertainment confirmed the news that the two had drifted apart because of their busy schedules and work trips abroad. Fans who fell in love with the couple were completely blindsided by the news and many fans continue to hope that someday they will get back together again. The news first broke after the two were caught out together and soon after it was confirmed that they were dating.

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