The highest court can exercise this guardianship better than any other board of control that can be devised. The decision is now national, now in favor of the state, and thus, through interpretation, the constitution is developed, and the two forces have as free play in the judicial as in the more strictly political action. “A legislative, and an executive, and a judicial power comprehend the whole of what is meant by government.”30 We find in Switzerland this general division of powers, with many interesting and instructive peculiarities, which give the Swiss federalism an individual character. Confederation by law provides for the extradition of accused persons from one Canton to another; nevertheless, extradition shall not be made obligatory for political offences and offences of the press. Measures shall be taken by Federal law for the incorporation of persons without a country.21 The Confederation has power to expel from its territory foreigners who endanger the internal or external safety of Switzerland.

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For federal laws, decrees, and resolutions, the consent of both Councils is necessary. Federal laws shall be submitted for acceptance or rejection by the people upon the demand of thirty thousand qualified voters, or of eight Cantons. The same principle applies to federal resolutions, which have a general application, and which are not of an urgent nature.

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Through it the citizen becomes conscious of his individual influence, and that his vote contributes appreciably both to the maintenance and direction of the laws under which he lives, and he is impressed with the necessity of a careful discharge of his political rights. Under the constitutional provision, that final civil judgments rendered in one Canton are executory in any other Canton, sometimes a question arises as to the obligation of one Canton to carry out the decree of the court of another Canton. This question must be referred for final decision to the federal authorities. In only one Canton, that of Uri, is there a departure from the federal system, and there the cantonal courts have the power to declare invalid a cantonal legislative enactment. There are also numerous provisions relating to church affairs and education, on parallel lines with those of the federal constitution, with the addition that the former includes the organization and management of the church communities which are exclusively under cantonal authority.

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