Spending time with people with this love language is so important. You will be able to make them feel appreciated if you can squeeze some valuable time for your busy schedule to be with them. If your love language is quality time, you will love deep conversations. You will feel energized by them and be happy whenever you get it from your partner. Do you love spending time with someone you love? Just sitting there, sipping coffee and discussing everything that fascinates both of you?

Those of us whose love language is gifts aren’t necessarily materialistic. Instead, their tanks are filled when someone presents them with a specific thing, tangible or intangible, that helps them feel special. And for the people you are seeingall of the timethese days, remember that even making tiny gestures matters. This is my primary love language, and my husband of 29 years knows it.

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The gifts love language isn’t actually about money at all—it’s about the sentimentality behind the process of gift-giving. If speaking the gifts love language doesn’t come naturally to you, it’s still important to try learning it if it’s the one your partner speaks. Research has connected using a partner’s love language with increased feelings of love and greater relationship satisfaction. Having another person’s undivided, dedicated attention is precious currency for the people whose love language is quality time. In a time of COVID-19 and quarantining, spending quality time together can seem challenging.

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Listening is a word that can be misunderstood. Some people listen to others to give some form of reply. It is important to understand the meaning of quality time. Quality time does not mean sitting with the person all day long.

What Does It Mean If Your Love Language Is Acts of Service?

Grab this thoughtful gift here for under $20. As I’ve gotten older and life has happened more intensively, my love languages had shifted to Words of Affirmation and Acts of Service. My husband helping me around the house and telling me that he loves and appreciates me are how I receive love these days. If you know anything about math, you probably know that adding two things together can create an even bigger sum.

If they use certain phrases that are hurtful to you, even in jest, it’s important to explain to them why those words bother or hurt you. Few things make you happier than when your partner tells you that they love you, or writes a letter to let you know that they’re thinking of you. It just means that of all those languages, expression in words is either the most natural to you/them, or the one you/they appreciate most. “There’s a common relationship occurrence which I call the ‘Disaster Equation,’” says Tina B. Tessina, Ph.D., psychotherapist and author of Dr. Romance’s Guide to Finding Love Today. Knowing that can mark a huge step forward for your relationship, or for you as a future member of one if you’re single. Love languages do not make or break a relationship, but being aware of what languages both you and your partner speak are going to make things easier on you both with that awareness in your back pocket.

Not only does this prove that I’m a verbomaniac, but it also means my love language is words of affirmation. And it just might be the reason I’ve dated so many musicians… Even if the song is about how I can be a real pain in the ass. If you’re really, really brave and want to impress your bae, then show them your words of affirmation in a super public place. Go to an open mic night and wow the audience with your spoken word poetry or acoustic song all about your love.

It’s not your responsibility to fix every problem. Just be there for them and they will thank you for trying (via Women’s Health). Acts of service is not as straightforward as the other love languages since it largely depends on your subjective experience and the priorities you have in your life. She finds it can be useful for people to examine how upbringing, attachment style, and experiences with early caregivers may have shaped their love language so they can see where the other person is coming from. Knowing your partner’s love language can serve as a window into how they give and receive love.

Listen to what they say without interrupting, let them feel heard. Then support them by reminding them about all the good qualities they possess that will get them through this difficult time. Take time to praise your partner daily in the things that matter to them. If they are a writer, tell them what you like about their writing.

This exercise will help you build a bank of kind words you can share with your partner. This exercise is especially useful for people that feel like they don’t have a large enough vocabulary to come https://hookupsranked.com/ up with something new and creative each time. Make sure you compliment your words of affirmation partner in front of other people. Tell them what makes you proud and what you really appreciate.